Camping is a great way for people to get away from the hustle of the city and really get back to nature.  Our camping events are usually scheduled over a weekend in order to allow parents and children to spend this quality time together.

Depending on the specific camping event we will either remain onsite at Empowerment Ranch or we will go offsite to alternate camping destinations.  The specifics of each event will be determined based on the specific participants and their level of comfortability with camping.

Tents are pitched on the evening and assistance is provided to those who have limited (or no) experience with camping.

Once the tents are up everyone spends the remainder of the first evening getting to know each other around the campfire while cooking, and eating their dinner.

What’s a campfire without smores?  Of course we finish off the evening with smores or marshmallows.

Turn off your alarms and let nature wake you up.  The morning usually begins at different times for everyone, as their body clocks decide how much sleep they need.   It can be quite relaxing to not have a specific agenda to the day.

Optional activities while camping will include swimming, tubing, kayaking, basketball, badminton, horseshoes, and nature walks.  On special occasions we will also bring horses and include trail rides.

Our volunteers will also teach campers how to build campfires and even how to start them with flint (optional based on interest of campers).

The weekend will end on the final afternoon when everyone will break down their campsites and pack up their tents.

We find that often the friendships that are made during these camping adventures extend beyond when the weekend is over, and the same campers choose to book additional camping weekends together.