Empowerment Ranch is a Non-Profit organization designated 501(c)(3) located in Callahan, Florida.  All donations will receive a tax receipt.

As we are in this early phase of getting our program off the ground we have a number of different projects for which we are currently raising funds.If you want to give us a general donation and we will attribute to the area which needs immediate funding please use this general donation button.


giggles the dog riding TriskaPledge A Rider for the Ride-A-Thon Our Ride-A-Thon is on October 14th, 2017 at Cary State Forest (7465 Pavillion Road, Bryceville FL 32009). If you are pledging one of our riders please use this form to do so.

Building Horse Fencing
horse fencingThis fencing is required to ensure the safety of everyone who attends Empowerment Ranch as well as the safety of the horses. At this time we need to finish the fencing around the culvert for the protection of those who visit the property.  Additionally we need to build one more cross fence to allow for proper field rotation of our horses and to allow us for an area to plant winter rye grass.

Building Covered Arena
covered arenaWe will need an Arena in which we will be holding the equine therapy classes. We have opted to make it a covered arena so that classes will not need to be cancelled due to the heat during summer days or due to rain.

Equine Equipment, Water Sport Accessories, Archery Equipment, Gardening Tools etc.
EquipmentSaddles, Bridles, Halters, Lead Ropes, Side Pulls, Saddle Pads, Reins, Helmets, Life Vests, Kayaks, Paddles, Bows, Safety Arrows, Targets, Rakes, Shovels, Hoes, Hoses etc.

Storage Shed
The ranch is in need of a storage shed so that the equipment is organized and located close to where the activities will be held.

Wheel Chair Cart
Wheel Chair CartsFor our participants who are in a wheel chair and who also want to enjoy a trail ride we will have a wheel chair enabled cart which can be pulled by select horses. The participant will be able to guide the horse from the cart.

Animal Rescue
All of the animals that we use in our programs were rescued. We get new animals in on a regular basis.  Funds are needed to help rehabilitate these animals and get them back to good health. Funds will also go towards the ongoing care for all of our rescued animals.

We have a number of different sponsorships available for those who want to set up a recurring donation every month.
Sponsor A Horse: These funds go to the maintenance and upkeep of our rescued horses and may pay for feed, farrier vet or other costs specific to the horses.
Sponsor a Participant: Many of the activities cost money and not all of the participants have the means to pay for these activities themselves. Sponsoring a Participant will mean that individuals who might not have been able to enjoy these activities will now be able to. These activities could be kayaking, camping, horsback riding, going to the MOSH, going to the Zoo or any other group activities that we may plan from time to time.
Sponsor a Goat: We have a couple of goats which have been rescued and funds from their sponsorship go towards their ongoing costs such as feed and vet bills.


We thank you in advance for your kind donation.

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